The Economist has a nifty infographic, which compares the content of President Obama's inaugural address with Wednesday night's State of the Union.And while it was a far cry from 2002, when then-President George Bush introduced the world to his "axis of evil" theory, based on content alone, it appears that Obama has replaced talk of internationalism with domestic issues-namely America and jobs and just about anything having to do with the economy.But how does education compare?If you buy the theory that frequency of use corresponds to agenda setting, here's something to ponder:Number of times Obama mentioned education in his 2009 inaugural address: 0.Number of times Obama mentioned education in his 2010 State of the Union: 5.And a very cool, interactive feature over at The New York Times, where can have lots of fun, further investigating Obama's speech.What did you uncover?Photo via Getty Images.
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