Showtime May Be Hiring Stephen Colbert For An Epic Election Night Special

“He’s promised he’ll say at least a couple curse words”

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Every American will likely be sitting in front of the TV on November 8 to watch the most anticipated election night in modern U.S. history. Now, thanks to Showtime, we might have an even better reason to park ourselves on the couch and buckle up for a wild ride.

Showtime president David Nevins announced Thursday that the network is in the process of hiring Stephen Colbert to host a live election night special, which, knowing Colbert, could make for the most epic election coverage of all time. While the deal hasn’t been finalized as of yet, Nevins said in an interview with Variety, “People don’t just want to watch CNN and Fox News. We want them to watch Showtime on election night.”

Colbert won’t be filming The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on election night, so unless he has other, more important plans, it’d make sense that he’d want to cover the event in another capacity. Showtime and CBS have a working relationship as well, which practically seals the deal, Uproxx reports. What’s even more exciting? Fans of Comedy Central’s Colbert Report can expect to see a subtle revival of Colbert’s mock-Republican persona.

As Nevins explained,

“It’ll be Colbert unfettered, he’s promised he’ll say at least a couple curse words. It’s something I’ve been trying to get him to do — he’s not on CBS that night anyway, so I think it’ll be really fun… He’s had a good time being more political.”

In the meantime, The Late Show host will also provide live coverage following the presidential and vice presidential debates. So look forward to having some comedic relief temper the waves of disbelief and panic that have characterized this year’s election.

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