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Stephen King Is Bringing Comic Books to the Masses By Offering His for Free

Stephen King, the author who made us terrified of twins with The Shining, and encouraged us lock up our cats after Pet Cemetery, is approaching his tales of terror in a more G-rated, and democratic, medium: online comic books. While this isn't his first foray into comics, The Little Green God of Agony, is his first ever e-comic. It's available for free on so anyone can access the book's horror-filled passages from the comfort of their own laptops. Illustrated by Dennis Calero, the comic launched to the public on October 15, and is now available to read in installments three times a week.

The synopsis, listed on his website, reads as sordid as any good King novel would:

Katherine "Kat" MacDonald is an RN hired to care for wealthy client, Andrew Newsome, who has gone from doctor to doctor trying to find a quick cure for his lingering pain to no avail. She is convinced that he would overcome the injuries he sustained in an airplane crash but he is unwilling to endure the pain of physical therapy. In desperation, Newsome has hired a healer, Reverend Rideout, who promises to "expel" his pain.

King, who reportedly writes 2,000 words a day, not stopping until he's met that quota, has said, "Read and write four to six hours a day. If you cannot find the time for that, you can't expect to become a good writer." At that rate the author surely has enough for dozens of e-comics in the future, but for now there are already six episodes of The Little Green God of Agony to catch up on. So enjoy this free creative collaboration for all it's illustrative gore, and don't forget to lock your door at night.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

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