Teenage Syrian Refugee Rappers Forge Music Out of Struggle

The boys of Syrian Dream are hoping that they might one day tour the world.

Four young Syrian boys are taking their emotions from struggling with displacement and channeling it into music. Their rap group, Syrian Dream, is based out of Alexandria, where they have been living for the past few years after being forced to flee their hometown of Damascus. Armed only with a flute, the boys beatbox and sing lyrics that depict the harsh journeys that one must undertake in order to escape the ongoing civil war in Syria, such as travelling across the Mediterranean on rickety boats.

“You left by the thousands using dangerous boats, putting your souls and children at risk, your old and young are leaving, ruining your dreams,” they rap. “The trip is poisoned, it is cold and scary, because of the smugglers, everybody becomes miserable. Where is optimism? Where is love?”

The Middle East Eye spoke to the young boys, who express hopes that they might one day tour the world with their music.