Target Hates Homemade Halloween Costumes

Target's new ad belittles anyone with enough creativity to try to make their own Halloween costume.


In this new ad from Target, the valiant efforts of a mom to make a Iron Man Halloween costume for her kid is roundly mocked. The viewer is then encouraged to buy a cheap, plastic Iron Man costume for our kids, because God forbid we be like this mother and try to do something creative and interesting for our children.

Besides being the more eco-friendly and less grossly consumptive option, making your own Halloween costume also is simply better. When I was trick or treating, the kids with store-bought costumes were the lame ones, who everyone thought lacked the creativity and wherewithal to come up with and design their own costumes (and I imagine my parents felt that way about those kids parents, too). I guess Target is trying to change that.

Via Slate, which points out that if you bought all the materials to make this costume at Target, you would probably spend more money than you would if you just buying the costume.