Target Accused of Sexism After Erasing Female ‘Star Wars’ Lead

What were they thinking?

This week in online outrage: Target is being accused of sexism after releasing a shirt in the boy’s department that depicts a scene from “Stars Wars” in which Darth Vader points his evil finger at Luke Skywalker. The problem? Luke Skywalker wasn’t in the scene - Carrie Fischer was.

Original scene from the movie:

Original Scene

The Target shirt

And this wasn't just some weird printing screw up or something. Target was already selling the shirt with Fischer, but for some bizarre reason they decided to erase her and replacing the character of Princess Leia with her (spoiler alert) brother. Perhaps their marketing team just thought little boys would respond to the altered image and didn't think it was a big deal, but the Internet is furious. What do you think? It all started when Target released a T-shirt in its boys' department featuring a scene from the first "Star Wars" film. The tee has a still from the iconic scene in "Star Wars: A New Hope" in which Darth Vader points an accusatory finger at Princess Leia while aboard her ship. It's one of the few scenes the pair have together, and this scene in particular has been meme'd beyond recognition. Everybody knows it. So imagine everyone’s surprise when Princess Leia was replaced Luke Skywalker on the T-shirt.

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