Daughter's Sad Plea For Friends On Facebook Just One Of Many Consequences From Accident

It only took a second for everything to change.

We’ve all done it—glanced down for just a second to check a text on our phone. That’s all Liz Marks did and it changed her life forever. Marks was checking a text from her mother, Betty, when she crashed into a tow truck. The accident left her permanently scarred, blind in one eye, and unable to fall asleep without taking sleeping medication. On top of the physical pain was the loss of support from her friends. Betty was heartbroken when she saw her daughter had posted, “Can anybody please hang out with me today? I don’t have any friends.” on her Facebook page.

Since the terrible accident, they have used their painful experience to educate people on the dangers of texting and driving.

You can watch Liz and Betty’s story below.

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(h/t Upworthy)