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Video: The Daily Show Takes on George Clooney and Southern Sudan

All eyes are on South Sudan. Is it just because celebrities are there?


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Tonight's Daily Show reported about bad news here and abroad but for once not in the Sudan. Jon Stewart talks about flooding in Australia and Lebanon and flooding in Brazil but pointed out that the happest country out there now is Sudan.

Many are surprised that the voting for independence in Southern Sudan is going so well. the United Nations World Food Program reports that the number of people in need of food assistance in southern Sudan has decreased markedly—though prospects for food security largely depend on the post-referendum period and the number of people returning to the South George Clooney is in Sudan this week with the Enough Project's John Prendergast and their website Satellite Sentinel is monitoring the border and blogging the latest news on the situation.

Both Prendergast and Clooney has worked tirelessly for months to bring attention to the referendum in Sudan in order to avoid a potential war and genocide. When The Daily Show picks up the baton, you have to give Clooney some credit.

Not everyone, however, is crediting their work.

It is a cruel irony for the people of Southern Sudan that the world is focusing on the potential fallout of this weekend’s referendum on secession from the north, while the ongoing emergencies facing the region since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) six years ago have been all but ignored


But maybe the Clooney and The Daily Show attention is just what Sudan needs to draw attention to the other emergencies. You have to start somewhere.

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