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The Dirty Money in Your Senator's Pocket The Dirty Money in Your Senator's Pocket

The Dirty Money in Your Senator's Pocket

by Ben Jervey

April 24, 2011

Here's something truly worthwhile to do on Earth Day. Go to this Dirty Secrets website, and find out who in your state is taking money from big polluters.  The site defines "Dirty Air Politicians" as

members of the US Congress that vote for measures that would allow polluters to continue dumping dangerous pollution into our air and stop the Environmental Protection Agency from doing its job of protecting public health.

If you do nothing else this Earth Day, get to know which dirty energy companies have your elected officials in their pocket. Even better, call them up (or go visit next week—they'll be home in their district offices) and tell them you don't care who is giving them money, the health of their constituents should come first. 

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The Dirty Money in Your Senator's Pocket