Third Grader Uses Netflix Analogy to Explain Why Trump Shouldn’t Be President

His logic is airtight.

Photo via Flickr user (cc) Gage Skidmore

As megalomaniac Donald Trump bullies his way toward the GOP nomination, it seems like nothing can stop his momentum. Jeb! called him out for being “a jerk” and came off looking like a weakling. Ted Cruz criticized his “New York values” and it backfired horribly. Even conservative mouthpiece National Review called him a “menace,” but, much like the Blob, the more you attack him, the stronger he gets. Just as we thought all hope was lost, a third grade student in Ohio may have cracked the code on how to fight The Donald.

Yesterday, a Columbus ESL assistant teacher shared the letter below on Facebook with the caption “third graders should run this country.”

Via Facebook

The kid’s immigration policy is more sane and sensible than anything that has come out of Trump’s mouth. Plus, he may have figured out how to weaken Trump’s support. A lot of people in this country may be totally fine with Trump’s overtly racist policies, but if you screw with their television, you’re going down.

(H/T Mashable)