The Foodprint Project: A Multicity Forum on Food, Culture, and Infrastructure

Our friends Sarah Rich and Nicola Twilley are launching The Foodprint Project, a series of events in different cities that will investigate the interrelationships among food, people, and cities.

Foodprint Project events are one-day programs featuring panels themed around policy, zoning, economics, geography, community, history, and the future. In each city, the Foodprint Project curators select local experts for the panels, carefully choosing people whose work is deeply involved in the food system but who come from very different backgrounds and points of view. We then facilitate lively conversations that draw connections between different fields and industries, inspiring our speakers and audience alike with new possibilities for reshaping and strengthening local food systems through cross-disciplinary collaboration.

To learn more and chip in, if you're so inclined, check out their Kickstarter page.

Image: Canned Goods, from the Library of Congress