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The GOOD Voter Guide for Today's Los Angeles Election

Check out this handy progressives' voter guide to the LA election, written by volunteers who have compiled candidates' takes on issues that matter...

Hey LA, it's Election Day once again in our fair city. Turnout is predicted to be low as usual for a local election, but the impact of our votes will be high, as we're voting for a new mayor, city council members, and school board members whose initiatives will affect our city for decades.

If you're still not sure who's getting your votes, check out this handy progressives' voter guide written by a group of volunteers who have compiled the candidates' takes on issues that matter most to young people in LA—stuff like education, jobs, the environment, and gay rights. We also got a few fun facts in there, too.

Download the GOOD Voter Guide

Tip: Take a look at the table of contents in the PDF, and then skip to the sections where you need help.

Some disclaimers: This guide is a volunteer operation, not produced by GOOD HQ. Due to research fatigue, lame candidate websites, and Murphy’s Law, you may spot a mistake or two. Some candidates simply don’t provide a lot of info, and our researcher styles varied, so some profiles may differ or seem a bit incomplete.

We didn’t get to all the candidates, but we tried to cover the ones who seemed most relevant to young people in Los Angeles. This guide was compiled using public sources, including government and candidate websites. Its accuracy is contingent on those sources at the time of publication (February 2013).

Download the GOOD Voter Guide

Go forth and vote.

Your volunteers,

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