UNICEF’s New Ad Stars A Singing, Dancing Grim Reaper

Death takes center stage in a new spot aimed at combating the waterborne illnesses killing thousands of children daily

image via youtube screen capture

Just what could make The Grim Reaper so happy that he’s compelled to climb to the top of a mountain and sing?

A laundry list of horrific diseases – That’s what.

In this Sound of Music-y spoof from UNICEF Sweden, Death himself frolics over hills and around ponds with a song in his heart and a scythe in his hand, cheerfully naming the communicable–and preventable–waterborne diseases responsible for killing up to 1,000 children every day. “Dysentery, Typhoid, and all the above // These are the things that I love” exclaims the Pale Rider, before pausing on a somber (well, for him) note to complain about “vaccinations, medications” and the like. You know–the sort of stuff you’d expect would make The Grim Reaper “feel so sad.”

The video ends with a simple plea for help with UNICEF’s water purification efforts, and links to a special “Water” landing page (in Swedish). There, visitors are encouraged to “clean water and save children’s lives” (according to Google translate) by pledging money to buy water purification tablets. The page also contains resources for learning more about water sanitation, and the option to spread the word about UNICEF’s aquatic ambitions through social media.

This is not, it should be noted, The Grim Reaper’s first foray into showbiz. He was last seen onstage in 1991 playing bass alongside Ted “Theodore” Logan and Bill S. Preston, Esq. in their band “Wyld Stallyns.”

Judging from the above, Death clearly has a passion for performance. And thanks to the efforts of groups like UNICEF fighting against preventable disease, he may one day end up with enough free time on his hands to seriously pursue music, instead of innocent children.


via Jim Browing / YouTube

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