Michael’s Silver’s Timeless Advice Isn’t Crazy

He now has more than 200,000 fans on Facebook.

In 2014, a high school student asked a scruffy-looking New York City street performer for a brief interview. He was nearly nude and had wild, unkempt hair and appeared to be mentally-disabled or an addict. But when the interviewer asked him his thoughts on the meaning of life, his answer was profound: “To live in the mystery, and to find purpose and to live in the now---the magic of now!”

The man in the video is Michael Silver and before this off-the-cuff interview he was a struggling street performer for nine years. Since then, he’s developed a large following online with over 200,000 Facebook fans and the audiences for his performances have grown exponentially. Recently, he received a Franklin Furnace grant to focus on his art. Silver’s story is a lesson that should all take to heart: Wisdom comes from unexpected places if you just stop and listen.

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