The Richest People in China: A List The Richest People in China: A List

The Richest People in China: A List

by Morgan Clendaniel

October 15, 2010
China's rapidly growing economy is going to soon surpass our own, so now might be a good time to start familiarizing yourself with the new captains of industry who will be running the world.

Hurun, a Chinese website, has compiled just such a list for you. There are 1,363 yuan-billionaires on the list (that means worth over $150 million), up from 1,000 last year. Most of the richest come from the industries you would expect in a rapidly booming and modernizing economy: construction, technology, and luxury goods. And drinks. Two of the top 10 sell soda or energy drinks.

The richest man in China is Zong Qinghou, who owns a soda company called Wahaha. He is worth $12 billion, according to the report.

The next five are:

Li Li and family, owners of Hepalink, a pharmceutical company that makes heparin, a drug used to fight heart disease. $5.9 billion.

Zhang Yin and family, owner of Nine Dragons paper. Zhang is China's richest self-made woman (i.e., she didn't inherit any of her wealth). $5.6 billion.

Liang Wengen, owner of Sany, a heavy machinery company. $5.4 billion.

Li Yanhong, owner of the popular search engine Baidu. $5.3 billion.

Yan Bin, owner of Ruoy Chai, which sells Red Bull in China. $5.3 billion.

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The Richest People in China: A List