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These Can Be Yours

The consumer in you wants these products.

Ironweed FilmsHome TheaterIronweed Films operates as a sort of modified Netflix. Every month, it sends you a DVD, which you get to keep. The movies are an expertly curated selection of documentaries-some you've heard of and some you haven't. It's like having someone sending you the best products of all the film festivals you don't have the time or money to attend.$15/month,
Nike Air Jordan XX2WardrobeWho knew? Every year, Nike releases a new Jordan sneaker and uses a percentage of the proceeds to help fund Jordan Fundamentals, a grant program that gives $1 million annually to educators across the country. This year's model, the XX2, was apparently inspired by F-22 fighter jets.$175,
Do-Frame tapeDecorationCan't afford a gilt frame for your latest art acquisition? Consider surrounding it with Do-Frame tape, created for the Dutch design collective Droog. Easily make even a simple doodle look like you bought it at an auction.$13,
Haworth Zody ChairSeatingAeron chairs are so dot-com era. Instead, outfit your office with a Zody chair. The ultracomfortable desk chair is made from 51-percent recycled materials, and is itself recyclable. Sitting down has never been this good.$700 to $1300,
5x7LibraryThe legendary photographer William Eggleston's new book, 5x7, features previously unpublished photos he took in the 1970s. Eggelston, a pioneer of color photography, took these with a large-format camera in and around his favorite Memphis nightclubs.$65,
Airzooka ShenanigansFor those pranksters too cautious to actually launch projectiles at their targets, there is now a solution. The Airzooka shoots blasts of air across distances of up to 20 feet, so you can push papers off a desk or mess up a fastidiously prepared hairdo from safety. Hours of fun.$15,
... And Now For Some Organic SpiritsRain vodkaA new offering from the 150-year-old New Orleans-based Sazerac Company, Rain is made entirely from organic white corn, distilled seven times.$16Juniper Green Organic GinProduced at the 300-year-old Thames distillery in London, this gin is made with organic wheat and herbs, including juniper, coriander, and savory.$40Papagayo RumStarted in 1993, this company makes rum from organic sugar cane harvested from more than 800 small farms in Paraguay.$24Honig WineFrom Napa Valley, Honig wine is totally organic. They avoid using pesticides by employing dogs that sniff out vine-eating bugs.$40UK 5 VodkaIn addition to its organic properties, UK5 vodka is unfiltered, which it claims adds layers of flavors that filtered vodkas lack.$20

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