These Weeks In Good

You might have noticed that there wasn't a This Week In Good post last Friday. That's because we didn't write one. So, here's a recap of the first two weeks of May.Minorities got pulled over with great frequency.Cars + Wind Turbines = New Energy Idea.A bear attacked. An epic ensued.Hotel Wi-Fi information got disseminated.[url=]Gere and Ahmadinejad[/url] got kissy. But not together.Did someone say Governor's Ball? Yes.Meta moment: a recap within a recap.A click of a mouse became a gesture of compassion.Housing got a bit happier.NASA decided it was time to return to the big cheese in the sky.We also released three new videos on Internet Porn, Public Transit Love, and Plastic Bags.Remember to say you love your mom this Sunday.Have a great weekend,GOOD