The Week In GOOD

GOOD's week was fun-filled with a party in LA last weekend, and a blow out bash in New York last night. We'll be telling you more about them shortly. (with pretty pictures of beautiful people, no doubt).
Here, we were without pictures until a technological miracle Example page brought back some excitment, so you don't have to read the boring words.
Other than that: We got hooked on acid.
And there was more of the whole spinach thing. Memo to cocktail party chatters: Spinach jokes. No longer funny.
For some reason, everyone loves these sun jars. Silly kids.
Remember when people used to ask you to name the capital of Thailand and then punched you in the balls? Yeah. It's crazy in Thailand.
Al Gore gave a major speech, Princeton totally copied Harvard, and the FBI
crunched some crime numbers.
Finally, in honor of Rosh Hashanah, Virginia Senator George Allen, throws the Jew down the well.