This Airplane's Been Repurposed Into a Classroom

Rip out the seats, leave the cockpit. The kids won't want to go home.


Forget parking old airplanes in lonely desert graveyards or consigning them to the scrap heap. Gary Chapidze, the headmaster at a school Rustavi, Georgia, found a more creative use for an old Yak-42 airplane. He's had it repurposed into a "kindergarten where the children would not want to go home."

As you can see in the video above, the rows of seats were ripped out and the plane's interior was transformed into a fairly typical-looking classroom. But, there are still some special bells and whistles inside. The kids can, for example, engage in a little make-believe with the handset that flight attendants use to make announcements. Chapidze also left the cockpit as-is so that the kids will grow up completely comfortable with the technology.

The students certainly seem to have no problem meeting that goal. In fact, watching them engage with the plane, they seem pretty ready for take-off. As one boy suggests, "They should put some petrol in the plane."