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This App Tells You How Your Town Will Look After Decades of Climate Change

How one of the world’s biggest problems will look in your hometown.

Image via Wikimedia

Tsunamis. Earthquakes. Hot summers. Cold summers. In short: misery all around. Climate change is already here and well on its way to making life on earth that much more difficult in the upcoming century—unless huge interventions are taken. A new app called ‘Field Notes’ hopes to make the consequences that much clearer to people across the globe. Simply download the app, input your town, and Field Notes will tell you how climate change will affect it after decades of global warming.

Image via Wikimedia

The information, as you can probably imagine, is often alarming (although where you live makes a big difference). Type in the city of New York, for example, and you can find out what the temperature is expected to be like (bad), how close the nearest earthquake zone is (too close!), and how the soil is supposed to change (for the worse, but honestly, it couldn’t be worse already). The app doesn’t just look forward into the future, but also zeroes in on the present, focusing on areas where climate change has done the most damage (i.e. California).

The app is free and available for iPhone and Android. While discussions about climate change have centered on national policy, Field Notes hopes to bring the conversation down to the community-level. It’s a great chance to look at the world by looking at your phone.

(Via: TIME)

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