This Gigantic Rubber Duckie Comes in Peace

The big rubber duckie that doesn't discriminate.

In Hong Kong, a giant, inflatable rubber duckie descended on the city this week. Like something out of a very G-rated science fiction movie, this bright yellow, 54-foot-duck with a Mona Lisa smile floated through the city's Victoria Harbour, much to the delight of bystanders. The massive bath toy will remain in the harbor through June 9, and is the brainchild of artist Florentijn Hofman, who has already taken it to Sydney, Sao Paulo, Osaka and beyond.

While instantly evoking joy, Hofman explains that the larger-than-life creature is also meant to inspire feelings of community, and camaraderie for each other as human beings. "We're one family. And all the waters in the world are our global bathtub, and it joins people together—it makes us family. It also means that you have to be responsible about this planet as you are your own house and bath, so that's the idea," Hofman said as the project was unveiled.

"The Rubber Duck knows no frontiers, it doesn't discriminate [against] people and doesn't have a political connotation. The friendly, floating Rubber Duck has healing properties: it can relieve mondial tensions as well as define them. The rubber duck is soft, friendly and suitable for all ages!"

Images courtesy of Florentijn Hofman