This Hoodie Comes With a Built-In Pillow, for Napping on the Go

Its secret is a hidden inflatable inside the hood.

Image courtesy of Hypnos

This hoodie really gets you. Now in the middle of funding on Kickstarter, the “sleep hoodie” by Hypnos comes with an inconspicuous treat: an ergonomic inflatable pillow inside the hood. Yep, that’s so you can nap on the go.

The hoodie is available in a variety of (neutral) colors and fabrics, including terry-lined 100 percent cotton and water-resistant nylon. (Go ahead—take that nap in the rain.)

If the Hypnos sweatshirts do reach their $30,000 production goal , they will retail for $59 and up, though you can get one in March 2016 for $49 with an early bird pledge.

According to a promotional video by hoodie creator Josh Woodle, “We all have spare moments during the day when we can get a little sleep in, when we can rest ourselves.” That may not quite be true for everyone, but it is true that naps can be great for you. According to advocacy and education organization the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), a quick 40-minute nap can dramatically increase performance and alertness. Naps have lovely psychological benefits, too; NSF is not wrong when it calls them a “pleasant luxury, a mini-vacation.”

Warning, though: A nap longer than 40 minutes could leave the napper unpleasantly groggy. At that point, maybe it’s best to take off your sleep hoodie.

(Via Van Winkle )