This is Daphne

This is Daphne. And these are her things.

Name: Daphne ChenAge: 31Location: Los Angeles, CaliforniaHometown: Bedford, TexasOccupation: Violinist, string arranger, studio musician, and member of The Section QuartetTied To FormI can't remember not playing. When I was a kid my mom drove me four hours from Dallas to Houston every Saturday for a two-hour lesson. For orchestra performances I had the big pouffy dresses. I told a friend in high school, "I can't be in a band, I'm a violin player."Breaking StringsI went to USC to learn the rules; at CalArts, I learned how to break them. I joined The Section Quartet five years ago. I draw from my experience-the textures of classical, the weirdness of avant-garde music-and apply it to these more accessible songs. I've always wanted to arrange [David Bowie's] "Space Oddity."

And Those Are Her Things

1. Concert violin: 2. Retired ashtray and adjacent gum replacement: 3. French and electrified German violins: 4. Corset: 5. Sun painting: 6. Photograph with Linda Martinez: 7. Feather headpiece: 8. Theremin: 9. First violin:
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