This is Jennifer

This is Jennifer. And these are her things.

Name: Jennifer MoultonAge: 36Location: Oakland, CaliforniaBirthplace: Berkeley, California-she lived there until she was 12Occupation: Co-owner of a Pilates studio where she teaches classes part timeOn PointI danced with the Royal Ballet School and Royal Ballet Company until I was 18. My degree in political science led me to develop a radio-based school curriculum in Guinea and Nepal.Settling DownFlip-flops are my preferred shoe after years of foot confinement. I wear them year-round for work and leisure. I feel like I can't physically let go of things [from my days of dance and travel] or I will forget what they represent.

And Those Are Her Things

1. Ballet shoes (including her first pair): "These are a tenth of what I owned. The mixture of smells takes me right back to the intensity."2. Maps:3. Schoolboy statue, from Conakry, Guinea4. Kangaroo ears:5. Wooden "Dave":6. Pages from a role-model album: