Texas A&M Students Build Tiny Houses For The Homeless

They’re a great way to help people back on their feet

In response to the 2008 financial crisis and ecological concerns, a growing group of Americans have turned their backs on suburban square footage in favor of tiny houses. TV shows such as Tiny House Nation and Tiny House Hunters have further popularized the trend that has claustrophobics scratching their heads in disbelief. One positive result of the movement has been a boom in construction of low-cost homeless shelters.

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These new home designs were on full display this week at Texas A&M University where its Tiny House Project showed off two small shelters. “A lot of students have talked about how they watch the show on HGTV and they’re amazed,” project leader Carson Kieschnick told KBTX. “They don’t actually think the students from this school built it. They just think we’re showing it off, but once we tell them we built it, it blows their mind.” The students are further impressed when they learn the homes will be sent to Austin, Texas and Kansas City, Missouri to house the homeless.

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The two tiny homes took 20 construction workers nine weeks to build on a $40,000 budget. “Having ten people work inside a 180-square-foot house...kinda makes you wonder how it’s ever done,” project leader Clint Keith said. The Texas A&M team hopes their tiny houses’ new residents will only need to live in camped quarters for a short period of time. “It’s really designed to get people back on their feet, so they have a place to stay while they’re looking for a job.” Keith said.

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