Tragedy Strikes Skateistan Youth in Kabul

Suicide blast kills four students, volunteers and youth leaders of this unique youth empowerment program.

Over the weekend, we were very sorry to learn about the tragic loss to one our favorite organizations, Skateistan—Afghanistan's first skateboarding school and a unique youth empowerment program. On Saturday, September 8, a suicide bomb detonated around a Kabul market where many children sell small items to support their families. Six children were killed, four of them students, volunteers, and youth leaders at Skateistan.
Among those who died were 14-year-old Khorshid; 17-year-old Nawab, a volunteer instructor; Mohammad Eeza, 13, one of Skateistan's first students; and 8-year-old Parwana (below), Korshid's sister who had just enrolled in the program last week. Additionally, Korshid and Parwana's cousin Assad, well-known and liked at the school, was killed. Our thoughts are with the children's families and everyone else impacted by this pointless violence.

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