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Parents Of Trans Children Unite To Share The Wonderful Affirmations They Offer Their Kids

The parents and children, smiles on their faces, share positive messages of hope

There’s no specific time in a person’s life that they take stock of their experiences and feelings to realize that they might be transgender. It may happen early in life or much later on. For the children that come to the realization in their formative years, they may be lacking in the knowledge or social experience to understand what they’re feeling or what it means.

In these cases, parents play a crucial role in helping a child feel secure in who they are and in understanding what their feelings mean to them and to others.

There’s no road map to parenting in any sense, and when your child is transgender, parents may be left with as many, if not more, questions than their kids may have.

However, that won’t stop them from offering unwavering support as the family bands together in the adversity that transgender children—and their parents—may face in daily life.

In this video, the second in The Scene’s “Affirmations” series, parents show the type of support, love, and positive thinking they share with their children to help them through what is certainly a trying time.

While the children featured in the video are all transgender, the takeaways from this video are the same for all parents, regardless of the issues their kids face.

The children, looking into the camera, smiles on all their faces, repeat what their parents say.

“I am curious.”

“I am hope.”

“I am love.”

More than they need to understand what they’re going through or how they’re different, children need unconditional support and love from their parents, and this video series does an excellent job of showing how just a few moments between parents and children can provide just that.

Here’s the previous entry in the “Affirmations” series between fathers and daughters.

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