Transgender Clothes Swap is Killing It

A new site and app in the works to make swapping and donating easier

Image via the Trans Clothes Swap Tumblr.

Trans Clothes Swap is celebrating its one-year anniversary with plans of expansion. The Tumblr-based marketplace sprung up last year, serving people in the US, UK, Canada, South America, Europe and Australia.

“Finding clothes as a trans person can be really hard,” says the text on the site. “Sometimes you can’t go shopping with friends or family, sometimes you’re not out, sometimes you don’t have the money.”

Set up as a forum for transgender people to swap clothing, makeup, accessories and beauty products and receive donations, Trans Clothes Swap will soon be reconceptualized as Trans Supply. The new site will improve usability and provide pre-paid shipping labels so that trans customers that can’t afford it won’t have to pay for shipping. Additionally, the next phase of the project will bring an app.