Two Filmmakers Are Working to Hold the U.N. Responsible for Cholera in Haiti

The makers of the documentary "Baseball in the Time of Cholera" have taken their fight to Capitol Hill.


In the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake, U.N. relief workers and peacekeepers flooded the badly shaken island nation, but sadly, they brought with them the deadly strains of a cholera epidemic that continues to kill. Earlier in the month, we profiled two filmmakers who have made it their goal to hold the U.N. responsible and stop the spread of infection. The makers of the documentary Baseball in the Time of Cholera have taken their fight to Capitol Hill and are beginning to see some promising results.

"Last week we screened the film on Capitol Hill and testified in a Congressional briefing chaired by Congressman John Conyers," said filmmaker David Darg. "On Friday a congressional letter containing the signatures of 103 members of the House was delivered to Susan Rice calling on the UN to take responsibility!"

So the political fight is picking up pace. Have you signed the petition? Please do and tell your friends.