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U.S. Lags in Environmental Performance U.S. Lags in Environmental Performance
The Planet

U.S. Lags in Environmental Performance

by Ben Jervey

January 30, 2010
A biannual ranking of the world's nations by environmental performance has revealed the United States to be lagging far behind most of the developed world. And while this isn't exactly breaking news to anyone paying any attention to our nation's environmental and climate policies for the past couple decades, our rank–61st globally–is eye-opening.Based on research from Columbia and Yale Universities, the Environmental Performance IndexEPI or check out the Times' coverage.Map: Environmental Performance Index This post originally appeared on, as part of GOOD's collaboration with the Pepsi Refresh Project, a catalyst for world-changing ideas. Find out more about the Refresh campaign, or to submit your own idea today.
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U.S. Lags in Environmental Performance