The internet can't stop laughing at the unintentionally hilarious ‘Tunashamed’ design flaw in a religious bumper sticker.

How did the dude not realize this when he stuck it on his car?

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Photo by Austin Wade on Unsplash

Having a good laugh.

Bumper stickers are some form of self expression, I guess.

Whether you want the people who drive behind you to know who you voted for, that your kid made the honor roll, or that you are a huge Phish fan, people love adorning the back of their cars with stickers.

But sometimes the design of said stickers are so poor that you could potentially be sending major mixed signals. Case in point? This confusing religious bumper sticker snapped in Ohio:

Tunashamed? Is that when you get shamed for eating too much tuna? Or being a tuna? Or loving tuna? What is going on here? Well, apparently the decal is of a cross (most likely denoting Catholicism or Christianity), next to the word “unashamed.” But the two are a little too close together...resulting in “Tunashamed.”

Twitter couldn’t stop laughing:

And, of course, puns were made:

"When my faith started to flounder, I accepted Cod too.... just for the halibut."
— Better Whirled (@betterwhirled) August 29, 2017\n

But hey, there is an important lesson to be learned here: whether you love your religion or you love tuna fish, you should never feel ashamed. But if you purchase really horribly designed bumper stickers and plaster them on your car, I’s sorry but...

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The GIF of shame... shame... SHAME.

GIF from Giphy.

This article originally appeared on 09.06.18.