Mom’s blistering rant on how men should be blamed for all unwanted pregnancies going crazy viral.

“All unwanted pregnancies are caused by the the irresponsible ejaculations of men”.

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Mom has something to say... strongly say.

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly known as Mormons, are a conservative group who aren't known for being vocal about sex.

But best selling author, blogger, and mother of six, Gabrielle Blair, has kicked that stereotype to the curb with a pointed thread on reducing unwanted pregnancies. And her sights are set directly at men.

She wrote a Cliff's Notes version of her thread on her blog:

"If you want to stop abortion, you need to prevent unwanted pregnancies. And men are 100% responsible for unwanted pregnancies. No for real, they are. Perhaps you are thinking: IT TAKES TWO! And yes, it does take two for _intentional_ pregnancies.
But ALL unwanted pregnancies are caused by the irresponsible ejaculations of men. Period. Don't believe me? Let me walk you through it. Let's start with this: women can only get pregnant about 2 days each month. And that's for a limited number of years."

Here's the whole thread. It's long, but totally worth the read.

Blair's controversial tweet storm have been liked hundreds of thousands of time, with the original tweet earning nearly 200,000 likes since it was posted on Thursday, September, 13.

The reactions have earned her both praise and scorn.

Most of the scorn was from men.

"You had me until you said men are 100% responsible. We aren't. We are 50% responsible, excluding rape which needs to be regarded differently obv. As soon as men are blamed 100% we switch off as you sound like one of those raging anti-men types. Sorry."

— Jarrod Parker (@JarrodParker) September 16, 2018

But Blair wouldn't budge.

For other men, the tweet thread was a real eye-opener.

"Hi there. This has really resonated with me. I am strongly pro-choice, but - shamefully - hadn't thought it through until I read this thread. And you're right: male organisms are responsible. We are harming those people whom we profess to love. It's systematic and it's wrong."
— Adam Rutland (@Adam_Rutland) September 16, 2018\n

“@designmom I just want you to know from a guy that your entire line of argument on this thread is 100% accurate. Thanks for taking the time to put this out there. Every adult in this country SHOULD read this.”

Women everywhere applauded Blair's bold thread.

This article originally appeared on 02.22.19