Henry Waxman Making Sense: Historic Disconnect in Congress Between Science and Policy

Watch Henry Waxman rail on the influence of dirty Koch brothers money on politics and bemoan the fall of science in forming public policy.

Here's Henry Waxman (D-CA) making far too much sense for any elected official on Capitol Hill.


Speaking at the Center for American Progress Action Fund yesterday, he railed against the influence of dirty Koch Industries money in politics, and about the sorry state of scientific ignorance in today's Congress. Here are some choice lines:

"The new Republican majority has a lot of leeway to rewrite laws, but they don't have the ability to rewrite the laws of nature."

"Republicans in Congress have become the party of science deniers, and that is profoundly dangerous."

"Science denial, partisanship, and the rising power of special interests are deeply intertwined, and they feed off each other."

"I've never been in a Congress where there was such an overwhelming disconnect between science and public policy."

"It apparently no longer matters in Congress what health experts and scientists think. All that seems to matter is what Koch Industries thinks."

Thanks to Think Progress for posting the video.