Video: Reinventing the History Colorado Center


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Some might argue it’s the air, others the scenery, but the staff at the History Colorado Center all agree that there’s something special about their state that has inspired generations of people to call it home. The history of Colorado is vast and full of fascinating stories and rich legacy, yet, like many other cultural institutions around the country, the History Colorado Center recently faced a declining attendance. The staff knew they had compelling stories to tell about how the past frames the future, but how could they get people to come and learn?

Using IBM Big Data and Analytics, History Colorado Center was able to answer crucial questions to find out who they were serving. What kind of visitors come through the door? Which exhibits are visitors spending time at? And where in the museum did they spend money? Thanks to this new technology, the History Colorado was able to collect and analyze information that armed them with answers to enhance their visitors’ experience. The center found new ways to once again share the history of their great state. Watch the video above to see how the staff at History Colorado used analytics to engage their audience and change how they presented the past.

The History Colorado Center isn't the only institution turning to big data to increase visitor attendance. The Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is also collaborating with IBM to engage visitors with a more enriching zoo experience based on data generated from mobile devices and social channels. Learn more here and here about how IBM Big Data Analytics solution is helping History Colorado Center, the Point Defiance Zoo and others uncover patterns and trends in data to help drive ticket sales, enhance visitor experience and increase visitor participation in wildlife conservation.