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Video: Skateboarding Across Peru and Bolivia in 36 Days

It's hard to resist the lure of a roadtrip: just you, your friends, and four wheels. What if they're really small wheels though?


It's hard to resist the lure of a roadtrip—particularly one in a faraway land—just you, your friends, and four wheels. What if they're really small wheels though, and all your gear is on your back? The Cleanest Line found a trio of travelers taking a decidedly stripped down mode of transportation on some very questionable roads. Above is a glimpse into their South American adventure in 2009.

Apparently they are gluttons for punishment, because they decided to cross Morocco last year.

Traversing the High Atlas Mountains in early 2010, you would have found three very dirty individuals, pushing incredibly high-tech skateboards. Those three guys would have been Paul Kent, Adam Colton, and Aaron Enevoldsen.


Mixing our passions for the longboard, the backpack, human-powered transportation, and the video camera, we have longboarded 4500 kilometers through Peru, Bolivia, and Morocco. Our two-month treks proved the longboard a viable means of transportation. We each only have our one set of wheels and two sets of bearings. There is no support vehicle. Inside our backpacks you’ll find a small tool set, first aid kit, minimal clothing, road map, and lightweight camping gear. All we take along with us fits on our backs.


They call their posse Long Treks on Skate Decks. Look for a documentary on their Moroccan adventure later this year.

photo (cc) flickr user fartinabag

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