Video: So, What Do You Call Multiple Priuses?

With Toyota predicting that the Prius will soon be the most popular car in America, the company is trying to decide what to call more than one Prius.


Toyota predicted at the beginning of this year that its most successful hybrid vehicle, the Prius, will be the best selling car in America by 2020. With such big goals ahead of it, it makes sense for the company to be planning ahead, thus explaining its new ad campaign.

Because it anticipates they'll be all over the road soon, Toyota wants to make sure people know what to call multiple Priuses. Is it just that—Priuses—or is it something else entirely? Prii? Prium? Prius, a la moose and fish?

Toyota has designed a website and ad campaign to entice consumers to cast their votes about what the plural of Prius should be. Whatever is decided upon (our vote is for Priuses) we sure do love the Sesame Street nostalgia the campaign's video conjures.