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Vote and Decide the Winner of Yoxi's Social Issue Competition to Reinvent Fast Food

Last day to vote for a winner!

Joshua D. Fischer is the editorial director at Yoxi, a competition where teams battle to create and communicate the best solutions to social issues.

Are you into battles of epic proportions? Do you enjoy the meeting of minds on the grand stage that is the internet? How about a final faceoff between two teams of problem solvers tackling reinventing fast food? Bet you do. And today is your lucky day.

After several weeks of brainstorming, idea generating, video sharing, and vying for votes at, the last two teams in Competition 1 present their final entries. Today—and today only —you can view and vote on videos for Round 3. See their campaigns meant to persuade you to care and get involved with their fast food solution. Help your favorite team win so they can make their idea a reality.

Will you vote for a new way to connect local producers, area restaurants, and you so that everybody creates a great lunch together? Or will you choose portable pad Thai noodles spearheading the way toward a new, more human food culture?

That’s two teams, two videos and only one winner. You decide.

If you haven't done it already, here's what you do:

1. Go to

2. Sign in (or join via the shiny orange tab at the top, if this is your first time)

3. Click on the big green banner on the homepage that says VOTE, and start watching videos.

Vote for the team and idea you like. Then check back on Wednesday to see who won the whole shebang.

Remember, you’ve only got today to vote on this last round. Of course, everyone’s a winner as long as you’re involved in helping reinvent fast food, right? Show the world you’re ready to change things up.

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