Wal-Mart's Eco-Friendly, Anti-Aging Make-Up for Eight-Year-Olds Wal-Mart GeoGirl Eco-Friendly Make-Up Line Targets Tweens

GeoGirl is a text message-themed make-up line for tweens. It's eco-friendly, anti-aging and patently unnecessary.

Wal-Mart is targeting the tween market with a new eco-friendly cosmetics line, GeoGirl, according to WWD. The all natural intro-to-make-up line is all about building habits: both healthy and unsettling.

Wal-Mart touts the eco-element to WWD, “GeoGirl is about teaching this generation about beauty care in a responsible way. This [line] is a great learning experience for us to determine how to communicate with this generation.”

The line will replace the Mary-Kate and Ashley brand, because Olsen twins' audience has aged out of the tween demographic. GeoGirl marketing reveals a few things about what the next generation of consumers values already.

The line is all-natural, both to be gentle on young skin, but also because young girls are particularly receptive to environmental messages. GeoGirl apparently thinks this demographic wants to stay young too, because there will also be anti-aging ingredients in GeoGirl cosmetics.

As for the branding, WWD reports the product names are references to IM/text message lingo:

  • a lip balm with SPF 15 is called J4G (Translation: Just 4 Grins)
  • a cleanser is called T2G (Time to Go)
  • QTPi (Cutie Pie) Mineral Blush.
  • iCU (I See You) Liquid2Powder Shadow
  • TiSC (This Is So Cool) Body Mist.
  • \n

We certainly want to instill responsible consumer values in our children, but do they need to worry about wrinkles as soon as they have their grown-up teeth? Any product targeted to tweens should certainly be safe and sustainable, but making it so doesn't balance out the fact that there are some products tweens just don't need to buy yet.

What do you think?

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Image: (cc) by Flickr user CourtneyCarmody.


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