Twitter Users Share Their Weird Voting Booth Rituals

More people use a magic eight ball than you’d think.

via Twitter

The awesome thing about democracy is that you can do it however you like. Unless, of course, someone is trying to suppress your vote, which is a real problem for minority voters. But, in general, nobody can tell an American who or what to vote for. In some cases, you can even write in a candidate’s name if they’re not on the ballot. Heck, some people choose to make a political statement by not voting at all.

Today on Twitter, some genius started #WeirdVotingBoothRituals for people to share how they make their decisions on the candidates and issues. Some even took the hashtag a step further by revealing the odd behaviors they exhibit in the voting booth.

Some people do strange things to make a decision...

Others have weird rituals...

But no one forgets their “I Voted” sticker.