What Americans say vs. what they mean.

by Bronwyn Isaac

September 18, 2018

In most countries, it’s pretty run-of-the-mill to use hyperbolic language during small talk or mundane conversations. However, America takes the cake (and eats it too) when it comes to abusing long-term use of exaggerated phrases that don’t reflect our actual feelings.

One might even say that we (Americans) are THE BEST at consistently using excessive adjectives to describe fairly dull experiences.

So, when Tyler Oakley posted a chart on Twitter detailing “what Americans say vs. what they mean,” it felt a little too on-the-nose.


A lot of people on Twitter felt called out.


Some generous Twitter souls felt it was their patriotic duty to add a few missing words and phrases to the chart.

Communicating with others every day of our lives is hard work, particularly when there are matters of etiquette, job stability and social standing to take into consideration.
It’s hardly surprising that it’s normal for Americans (and people in general) to exaggerate and skew positive in speech, but the visuals of this chart do successfully poke a bit of fun at our habitual overemphasis.
In summation, this Twitter thread is absolutely fabulous.

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What Americans say vs. what they mean.