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What Are the Best New Blogs on the Internet?

Bygone Bureau talks with bloggers to determine 2010's best new additions to your RSS.

What are the best new blogs on the internet?

That's the question behind Bygone Bureau's aptly named project "The Best New Blogs of 2010," in which the editors Kevin Nguyen and Nick Martens "talk with fellow bloggers about favorite editions to their RSS readers."

Here's Leah Finnegan on Better Book Titles:

Better Book Titles takes the work out of that thing we (I) love to hate: book-reading. I don’t have time to read books: I have too many blogs to read, too many emails to mark as read. In the internet age, Better Book Titles is a public service. It boils down the point of a 400-page tome to a few choice words, (mostly) managing to clearly AND cleverly state what the book is about in a graphically pleasing format. Some pertinent examples: The title of Lolita, according to the site, should actually be Likable Rapists. So true! Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close becomes Too Soon? LOL. And Hamlet? Ghost Dad. Stunningly apt. I’ll never read again!


And here's Liz Danzico on Elements of Math:

Flinching not at all at a population’s residual nervousness about mathematics, Strogatz made math elegant and abstractions affable. The mysterious become surmountable. It could be that his writing, perhaps transformed by a 30-year pen-pal friendship with his high school math teacher, steered readers clear of mathematical walls through the particulars of chocolate cake, Moonlighting, and the velocity of jump shots. And suddenly numbers, once the enemy, became believable.


Read the whole list here. It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your RSS reader.

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