What's The Best Best of the Decade List?

Aughts! We hardly knew ye! Alas, we'll soon leave you behind. For the next six weeks, however, anyone with an audience will be chronicling and evaluating the living hell out of you. Exhibit A: Newsweek's attempt to condense all your happenings into seven minutes of video. Watch:[youtube]'s a compelling homage, if not a list per se, and it lacks the depth of something like the strangely fun retrospective You Aught to Remember.As far as evaluations go, Times Online's boldly erratic 100 Best Films of the Decade makes for some great-if bizarrely ranked-reading. Pitchfork's annoyingly well assembled best of the decade material is also worth poring over, though over at LargeHeartedBoy, there's a ridiculously comprehensive compilation of best music of the decade lists.What other 2000s retrospectives and lists should we be reading?