I can count on one hand the neighbors I know over the age of 18. Everyday around 3pm in Middle East Baltimore, I love the fact that the sidewalks on my block become pop up beauty salons and makeshift football fields for a flurry of kids. I’m always greeted with a hug, and am often persuaded to stay outside for an art project. I may not be able to get a cup of sugar, but I’m always in the know about how their day was at school or where to get the best chicken box.

In preparation for Neighborday, we spent some time outside taking pictures and talking about why we love our neighborhood.

“You can do anything around here. You can play around. I’m cool with the neighborhood. You can play, play, play, however much you want to play. And that’s it.”


“It’s fun and I like to play here”


“I like how peaceful it is on the block. All children get along.”


All images courtesy of Becky Slogeris

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