Why Borders Disfigure Landscapes as Well as Thoughts Why Borders Disfigure Landscapes as Well as Thoughts

Why Borders Disfigure Landscapes as Well as Thoughts

by Kai Wiedenhoefer

June 16, 2013

Israel | Occupied Palestinian Territories

The Iron Curtain | former German - German border

Ceuta and Melilla, Spain | Morocco


Cyprus | Greenline

South-Korea | North-Korea

USA | Mexico

Globalization promised us an ending, a dissolution of borders. But the trappings of globalization are deceptive: It enlarges markets, but also insecurity in the world. While capital moves freely within seconds, people do not. Many have been unable to participate in the benefits of economic globalization, and the gap between rich and poor is deepening.

I want to show the conflict inherent in these borders: On the one hand we long for unconditional, absolute boundlessness, perhaps because the major world religions describe paradise this way, perhaps because economical globalization (our de facto religion) demands it. On the other hand, we feel lost in the boundlessness, and want to separate, distinguish ourselves, our culture, our community. While we may admire charity, we are not ready to share our wealth.
Today, I am raising funds on Kickstarter for WALLONWALL, a photo exhibition on the Berlin Wall about walls that separate people worldwide. The concept of the exhibition is simple: on the longest remaining part of the Berlin Wall we will glue 36 huge panoramas on the side of wall which points towards the river Spree.

While fundamentally documentary in character, the project aims to illuminate the psychologies of borders, to raise questions, and reveal our experiences. Many of us feel that we are but mere spectators. This project intends to reveal us as participants—sometimes unwilling—but participants nonetheless. While barriers are a protection, they are also a cage, while acting as shields, they are also traps.

This project was featured in Push for Good —our guide to crowdfunding creative progress.

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Why Borders Disfigure Landscapes as Well as Thoughts