Why I'm Closing Shop on Election Day

I believe that we all need to take a more active role in what goes on around us—that means letting your voice be heard, by voting.

At Sport Science, it's not just about voting. It's about using our company to facilitate positive change.

Sport Science was founded about six years ago. The vision was to produce a full performance activewear line of clothes that was easy and comfortable to wear, especially our performance T-shirts.

We try to support kids' athletic events however we can—whether it be through an athletic contest, or just encouraging kids and their parents to get off the couch.

Here's the bottom line: Do something. If each person moved the ball forward even just a little bit, the end results would be significant.

This post is part of the Take Back Tuesday campaign to make Voting Day a national holiday. Sign up or encourage your company to join in at

Illustration by Tyler Hoehne