Yo, Toronto: Chuck and Vince Want Your Electronics

Canadians are funny. To promote its electronics recycling program, the City of Toronto has created a series of three brilliant video spots that spoof "the hard sell 'bring us your gold jewelry' ads" and they're dead on. They feature two collectors, Chuck and Vince, who wave sparklers, wear gorilla masks, and shout and point at you in concert. Yo, Toronto! Have an old TV encased in mahogany? They want it.


Toronto offers a convenient free program that makes recycling electronics as easy as recycling beer bottles. Residents are given green e-waste recycling bags that they can fill with old phones, radios, cables, and other unwanted electronic junk and put out with the trash. Larger items such as computer monitors can just be left on the curb.

Whoever had the creative vision to let these guys promote the program deserves a raise. Maybe we can get them on SNL.