Your Password: The Kind of Thing an Idiot Would Have on His Luggage

So the combination is one ... two ... three ... four ... five?A lot of people have lousy passwords-especially people who use Rock You. A recent hack of the photo-sharing service (which people use alongside Myspace) revealed some 32 million passwords. Weak.From ArsTechnica:
The hacker left a file with all the passwords on a public site, and security firm iMPERVA has now analyzed them. The numbers aren't pretty: about a third are less than six characters, and half are vulnerable to dictionary attacks. The most common password was 123456, and it was followed by 12345, 123456789, and Password. iMPERVA estimates that someone with a slow DSL connection could access one account a second using a dictionary attack.
Granted, photos of you and the girls doing body shots at Papas and Beer aren't exactly on the level of your bank-account routing number, but the widespread carelessness people use when protecting personal information is oddly telling.See also this list of 370 passwords you can't (and shouldn't) use on Twitter.