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Delta passenger says she was reported for taking a banana from the lounge, sparks hilarious protest

'I almost started crying I was so hungry and late,' shared the passenger.

Delta passenger says she was reported for taking a banana from the lounge, sparks hilarious protest
Representative Cover image source: Pexels| Toni Cuenca; Reddit| u/zaftpunjab

Airport lounges are a great place to kill time as they offer a much-needed respite from the hectic environment of terminals. However, Delta airline's Sky Club lounge caught the online community's attention for all the wrong reasons after a passenger claimed that a Delta employee reprimanded her for taking a banana away from the lounge, reported BoredPanda.

Representational Image Source - Pexels I Photo by Luis Quintero
Representational Image Source - Pexels I Photo by Luis Quintero

The passenger, identified by their username u/zaftpunjab, took to Reddit to voice their grievances and talked about the unfair policies of the airline. The caption read, "I got reported for trying to take a banana out of the lounge! Someone tell me this is all a nightmare and my $700 a year isn’t a complete waste. I just wanted a banana."

According to u/zaftpunjab, they asked a Delta employee if they could put the fruit in their bag so no one could see it. To this, the Delta worker responded, “You’ve already been reported, and I need to confiscate the banana and throw it away.” The user was distraught at the suggestion and said they were sad to throw the banana away. In response, fellow Reddit users started a hilarious protest, sharing their personal experiences with the airline. 

Image source: Reddit | u/Necessary_Ad_4683
Image source: Reddit | u/Necessary_Ad_4683

u/ChangeFuzzy1845 commented, "An employee at the T Sky Club in Atlanta saw me putting some cheese and meat in a napkin and he made me an entire charcuterie plate and wrapped it up and brought it to me. (He did not ask me beforehand, he just did it)." Another user (u/Nasty_Ned) tried to add light humor to the comments section, "I stuck two bags of peanuts in my backpack. Also a package of vanilla cookies. I’m a hardened criminal now. I won’t share the Sky Club location so it takes them longer to break up my criminal syndicate." 

u/Apprehensiveduckx posted a picture of a banana with the caption, "I made sure they saw me take it." Another user, u/loonsjalkapallo, shared a picture of a banana kept in the bathroom stall and wrote, "Found a banana available in the MSP F/G Sky Club bathroom stall. Apologies to the other folks in the bathroom for the random laughing you might have heard from me."

Image Source : Reddit I u/
Image Source : Reddit I u/loonsjalkapallo

When a user asked the woman if she was sure it was a Delta employee and not someone pulling off a prank, she replied, "I promise! I am a girl, and this was a late middle-aged woman with a name tag who came over. She had a Delta uniform on and everything." Delta Skyclub lounge has a set of rules mentioned on their website and according to them, "Food and beverages may not be removed from any Delta Sky Club." The American airline company has refrained from commenting on the situation.

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