• Post-It Note Jaguar Prank Ingredients: - 1 Jaguar- 14,000 Post-it Notes- 1/2 tablespoon boredom- "About a dozen" asshole friends- 1 digital camera- 1 Flickr accountDirections:- In an empty garage, combine friends, boredom, and Post-it Notes with Jaguar until smooth. Then photograph mixture, add to Flickr, and marinate until ABC..
  • Breaking The Banksy Too poor to afford a piece of Banksy's collection? (or you might have just missed the LA show?) In his populist spirit, Bansky is making all art...
  • Simpsonzu Granted: A number of sites have already covered this weekend's release of the graphic artist Space Coyote's anime-style "Simpsons" renderings (ABC...
  • The Peoples Toolbox A new (to us) web design resource, thePeoplesToolbox, catalogues a number of links sorted by category (color, css, fonts, html, etc.) and popularity. This is a godsend for anyone interested in design, especially those of us with an overabundance of bookmarks and without the discipline to organize them...
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  • Phillie Ads Despite being one of the more important birthplaces of our nation, Philadelphia seems to get short shrift, located so close to New York City. But now there seems to be a concerted effort to sap some of the coolness of the Big Apple. Coolness that maybe can no longer afford the economic absurdity that..
  • Flag Graphs Brazilian designer Icaro Doria uses flags to make infographics, like the European Union one here, which shows the oil consumption of the EU in blue, and the oil production in yellow. They are all amazing. Check them out here.Thanks, Ashley!.
  • The Street Artists Sometimes "street artists" are fine artists gone wild, having fled the confines of the gallery to apply their work directly on the urban landscape.
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