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Explorer travels to a creepy spot found on Google Earth that 'no one has seen before'

The footage showed eerie sandstone structures patterned in irregular shapes with gaping holes

Explorer travels to a creepy spot found on Google Earth that 'no one has seen before'
Cover Image Source: YouTube | @thepovchannel

Our world is filled with bizarre, spectacular, and wondrous places. For explorers like Nolan Fischer, these discoveries make life truly exciting. When Nolan, known as @thepovchannel on YouTube, spotted some strange structures on Google Earth, his curiosity was piqued, leading him to embark on an adventurous journey to uncover them. He captured his expedition on camera and shared it in two parts on YouTube, captioned, “I discovered something on Google Earth that no one has seen before.”

Representative Image Source: Pexels | James Wilson
Representative Image Source: Pexels | James Wilson

“This geologic structure is one of the most bizarre I have ever found on Google Earth,” he said in the video, adding that he knew it was “hiding something.” The only way to get to the place, he said, was through “several miles of intricate and treacherous petrifying sand dunes.” So, he went on the venture with his companion, a cute black dog. The video displayed him walking, with a backpack strapped around his shoulders, through a creepy sunlit field that seemed to be empty except for him and his dog prowling there for clues. “This structure looks like a giant fortress with holes and there might even be some steps on it,” Nolan said.

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The footage showed his shadows looming across a landscape of golden-hued sandstone structures. “There’s a massive amount of huge, petrifying sand dunes,” he said, trying to catch his breath. As his shoes made crunchy sounds on the ground, the camera displayed an eerie vista of leafless trees and sandstone patterns. Staying high above the dunes, he was able to avoid steep canyon slopes. The tops of the massive sandstone blocks looked like tons of choco-chip cookies heaped over one another in a disorderly manner.

As he stepped further, moving through the sun-baked rocky structures, he came across a variety of interesting formations that included a “tough little rock,” “a cave-like cocoon,” and a cool “S” shape engraved with lines on a portion of the sandy ground. The lines spread throughout the trail, snaking and zigzagging on the dusty floor.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | howard cameron
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Howard Cameron

He said he had thought that the structure on Google Earth was the size of a big house but in real life, it looked like “a huge massive chunk of sandstone sticking up out of the earth.” The YouTuber was amazed. He said he was relieved that he didn’t have to backtrack. Making his way up and into the structure, he walked through a giant arched corridor that led to a stunning hollow. The footage displayed an open plateau-like cavity curved like a big empty stone bowl that was getting filled up with sunlight. 

Surrounding the bowl, the walls were sculpted with elliptical holes that appeared like portals to some underworld or apertures into the life of prehistoric humans. "Wow. This is the first place we checked out and I am kind of blown away right now. This is getting me really excited about what might be around the corner," Nolan exclaimed.

Then, Nolan pointed to something etched into the ground, saying, “Wow look at that!” He brushed his hand over something he believed to be a dinosaur footprint. “Seems like this is a typical three-claw mark indentation,” he described. The print was surrounded by creases that spread throughout the curvy ground.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | marcusl
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Marcusl

Nolan checked the location on Google Earth, and concluded, “So this is it! This is like a little bay in this structure but it’s going to be hard to get above this.” Despite the difficulty, he started hiking upwards and found himself arriving at a spot where there was a gigantic pothole. Walking further, he discovered some noteworthy honeycomb structures. He said the chambers in the honeycomb almost looked like native American rooms, but he wasn’t sure. “This whole place is a big, big labyrinth,” he proclaimed, wrapping up the segment.

Image Source: YouTube | @illuminatafoto
Image Source: YouTube | @illuminatafoto

Nolan received millions of views and likes on his videos in just a few months of uploading them. People were as amazed by his discovery as he was. “Is it possible you are the first human in thousands of years to see and walk through that arch/tunnel?” @solotraveler3 wondered.

Image Source: YouTube | @purelightlove8888
Image Source: YouTube | @purelightlove8888
Image Source: YouTube | @rebeccabutler9728
Image Source: YouTube | @rebeccabutler9728

@garymucher4082 praised him for his challenging journey, “Obviously the vast overwhelming majority of people will never venture to such places. That is why I applaud you for taking us along to see sights we would otherwise never see. Thank you and your dog. Thumbs Up!”



You can follow Nolan Fischer on YouTube and Instagram to catch up on more of his adventures.

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